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Backster Associates, Inc., also conducts polygraphs for: Criminal; Civil; Fidelity; Pre-Employment; Immigration; PCSOT; as well as Forensic Security Interviews. Serving the Polygraph Profession since 1959!

The Backster School of Lie Detection remains loyal to the Backster Zone Comparison Technique, however we now feature the Matte Quadri-Track and we teach other  validated techniques and TDA scoring methodology including: Federal Zone/Bi-Zone; AFMGQT, Utah, etc.

For years there has been a mis-understanding of Law Enforcement Examiners that they not be trained in PCSOT as they will generally not be doing PCSOT Testing.  This is incorrect as in the case of a missing child or sexual assault ... who are the prime suspects!  We have started a special 3-day training "Advanced, 3-day Sexual Offense Polygraph Training for Law Enforcement Examiners" to teach the basics for the number(s) and type of exams that sex offenders take.  Please consult our schedule of courses.

August, 2014

1)  Basic 40-hour PCSOT is scheduled for Denver, CO Dec 15-19, 2014.  

2)  Advanced, 3-day Sexual Offense Polygraph Training for Law Enforcement Examiners is scheduled for Denver, CO Dec 15-17, 2014.


MARCH, 2015

*(PE 194) is scheduled for March 16, 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  For information or to register ... contact Todor Todorov (General Manager: Assess) e-mail: Polygraph@Assess.BG .



*(PE 195) is scheduled for September 14, 2015 in Kennewick, WA.  


For more information or to be placed on an informational list for upcoming courses, please send us an e-mail:


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